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Escape Gaming

For the escape gaming sector we provide not only game development skills, but also broad knowledge from other sectors in order to make your games better and more resilient.


For professional industries of any nature we bring the creative, magical experience of escape gaming to your products, processes and services.


A good narrative boosts your product and helps you get your idea across. Using your product should feel like being a hero - we help you with that.


Implementing magical experiences with cutting-edge technology will confront you with unique technical challenges. We’ll help you be efficient throughout that journey.


Gamification is the art of making mundane tasks feel magical again. And you want your audience to come back for that magic whenever they use your product.

Featured Projects

Digital Signage IARAI

We reused our escape tech to build an office management system!

Replayable Escape Room

Our AWS supported prototype project!

We changed the media production sector!

4K Linux Streaming Setup

4K streaming on Linux is hell and we will never do it again.



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